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Polasek, Quisenberry & Errington LLP - Contingent Fee Patent Litigation Attorneys

Polasek, Quisenberry & Errington LLP
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POLASEK, QUISENBERRY & ERRINGTON, L.L.P. (PQE) (located in the Houston, Texas area) is an intellectual property law firm dedicated to protecting and enforcing clients' intellectual property on an hourly, modified billing or contingent-fee basis. PQE has handled numerous contingent fee patent infringement litigations since its inception in 2002.  While PQE provides a full range of intellectual property services, its emphasis is on contingent fee patent litigation and licensing.

PQE's alternative and contingency billing practice provides a cost effective way for clients (no matter their size) to enforce their intellectual property. While PQE is flexible in negotiating contingent fee and alternative billing arrangements (with the range of rates depending on the nature of the case), our standard agreement provides that the client will owe no attorneys' fees unless a recovery is obtained, but regardless of any recovery the client will be responsible for a portion (to be agreed on) of court costs and litigation expenses as they are incurred. The fee can also be based upon a mixed hourly/partial contingent fee arrangement. (See Contingent Fee Arrangements.)

PQE's litigation and licensing of intellectual property matters primarily involves patent enforcement through patent infringement litigation, trade secret misappropriation suits, trademark infringement suits, copyright litigation, and other unfair competition and related complex matters. PQE enforces inventor patent rights via patent litigation nationwide.  Additionally, PQE provides a complete array of other intellectual property legal services, including obtaining United States patents and registering trademarks and copyrights, rendering legal opinions, technology transfer, and client counseling.​